1. What kind of atmosphere can holiday pajamas create for a family?

There are so many great reasons to wear matching pajamas for the holidays. Here are just a few good reasons to make your Christmas a matching look:
It is cute!
If you have eyes, you already know these holiday pajamas are super cute. They can take even the biggest Grinch and turn them into a raging holiday cheer spreader. Even if your family doesn’t have a secret Grinch in the mix, these holiday pajamas are simply adorable and help bring even more Christmas cheer to this special season. Besides, is there anything cuter than your little ones in matching jammies? We think not.
It makes for wonderful photo ops! Do you want to make all the other Instagram mommies jealous? Are you looking for a sweet Christmas card idea to send to your relatives? Are you just looking to capture some family candid shots of baking cookies with the little ones in their matching jammies? Whatever the reason for the picture, these matching pajamas make any moment even more magical for a season you are sure to cherish.
It starts the season off right!
Are you looking for a sweet family tradition to help up your family’s festive game? Handing out matching PJs after Thanksgiving dinner is a sweet tradition to get the season started right. Even if you are a die-hard believer that the festive season doesn’t start until December 1st, you can still start this fun tradition with your family. This tradition is great for when your kids are growing each year and need new holiday jammies. They are sure to experience maximum festive mode with their very own holiday PJs.
It makes bedtime easier!
Every parent knows the struggle. You tell your child to get ready for bed and your sweet little gumdrop turns into an angry abominable snowman. With our matching Christmas PJs, they will actually want to get ready for bed. These jammies are fun and comfy to help end at least one part of the eternal bedtime battle in your house.
It is a bonding experience!
As most parents know, you will likely only get 18 Christmas mornings with your children. These years go by faster than Rudolph pulling Santa’s sleigh on a Christmas Eve deadline. Wearing matching pajamas can create a bonding experience for your children through the years that they are sure to remember long after they leave the nest. Even if you don’t have children, wearing matching holiday pajamas as a happily married couple is still a bonding experience worth enjoying.

2、Manage order

(1) What do I have to pay for an order?

Your total payment = product prices + shipping fee

- If you have a discount code, it will be applied to the product price subtotal

- Kindly double-check your total amount on the Checkout page before placing an order.

(2)How do I change or cancel my order?

You will have 2 hours after placing an order to cancel the order yourself. To cancel, kindly check the order confirmation email and access the tracking link from there to cancel.

After this timeframe, if you wish to cancel or change your order details, please contact us within 12 hours upon confirmation of the order via support@lovefamilypajamas.com, our Customer service representative will check and confirm if you still can cancel.

Please keep in mind that any cancellations after 12 hours upon approval of the order will no longer be allowed.

(3)Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

If you wish to change your shipping address, please contact us at support@lovefamilypajamas.com within 12 hours after placing your order. Our Customer service representative will check your order and confirm ASAP.

Your shipping address cannot be changed after the order has been processed or shipped.

(4)What kind of address should I use for shipping?

Kindly update your shipping address to your residential address instead of your vocational one as we do not know how long the destination's customs department will have the package on hold.


3、Shipping & Delivery

(1)Where do we ship from?

We are a US-based company operating with 3 fulfillment centers. We have warehouses in the U.S, UK, and Australia. All orders are shipped from the warehouse closest to the shipping address provided at checkout.

However, we cannot promise an order will be shipped from a certain warehouse as stock may be limited in select warehouse locations. In this case, the order will ship from a warehouse that has sufficient stock.

(2)How long does delivery take?

Processing time for personalized items may take longer than normal, from 5 to 7 business days. Once the shipment is loaded on the plane, the estimated delivery is 5-8 business days for the United States and 18-24 business days for other countries.

Please note that there are some unforeseen circumstances such as customs delays that we are unable to control on our end as well as delays in holiday seasons. Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, the shipment may take longer.

(3)I need my order fast, do you guys provide expedited shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not offer expedited shipping.

(4)Will I be charged with customs and taxes?

Whether you will be charged with customs and taxes or not depends on your shipping address, because Tax, along with customs fees, is regulated by destination countries. You will be informed of the exact tax rate during your checkout before you complete the order.

Currently, European shipping addresses may be added VAT tax in the receipt during checkout. It has been regulated that all sales transactions of goods or services that are not part of the other levels will be applied to the standard VAT tax of 20%.

(5)Why are my items shipped separately?

If your order contains a variety of products, your items may be split up during the manufacturing process which leads to separate shipments. (Rest assured that you’re only charged one combined shipping fee for all the items in your order during checkout)

Due to the different processing times and shipping locations, we are unable to combine shipments. You will receive a shipping notification for each shipment in your order.


4、Track my order

(1)When will I get my tracking number?

Once the order has been processed, a tracking number usually takes 5-7 business days to be generated and another 5-7 business days to be updated with details.

(2)Why has the tracking status not been updated? What should I do?

Tracking information may not be updated immediately for some reason.. Here are some reasons why tracking information has not been updated for several days:

It has just been created. After being sent out, your tracking number will need up to 7 days to be updated due to delays between the scanning events and the website's updates. During this time, there might be no event on the tracking.

The package may not be scanned until it reaches the regional hub near the destination.

The package is in transit between the origin and the destination country. The tracking information should pick up again once your packages reach your local country.

The package arrived in the destination country. With international shipping, once the package lands in your country (destination), the tracking link will stop updating but it does not affect the delivery process.

Kindly noted: the delivery time frame is valid regardless of the tracking information's availability online.

If your tracking status has not been updated for over 10 days, please contact us to be supported right away.


5、Replacement & Refund

(1)When can I get a refund or replacement?

For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@lovefamilypajamas.com

(2)How do I request a new replacement?

To proceed with the replacement quickly, please include a photograph demonstrating the issue and send it to support@lovefamilypajamas.com for further assistance. 

Kindly noted: We can only handle your claims if we’ve received the information within 30 days from the order date. If you’ve placed the products for more than 30 days, your claims might be refused.

(3)How do I return an item?

Currently, we do not have policies regarding the return of an item. 

If you are having issues with your purchases, please contact us within 30 days from your order confirmation date via support@lovefamilypajamas.com or chat box for further assistance with your order number and the problem details. Our Customer Service team will review your request and send back prompt solutions such as a refund or a replacement. 

(4)When will I receive my refund?

All refunds will be credited to your original form of payment. If you paid by credit or debit card, refunds will be sent to the card-issuing bank within 5-10 business days of receipt of the cancellation request. 

In case the credit has not been posted to your account yet, please contact the card-issuing bank for further assistance.



We are so sorry that shipping delays have been inevitable during the epidemic. Due to the suspension of most international airlines and the long customs clearance process, the delivery time of your package will be much longer than expected.


Under the influence of the coronavirus, the airline industry has been hit hard. Most airlines announced that they would drastically reduce the flights and air cargo capacity. Over 90% of international flights have been or will be suspended.


Affected by local quarantine and customs clearance policies, the customs in most countries cannot process the clearance in time because of the limited manpower. Customs clearance is inefficient, and goods are stranded at the customs for a much longer time than expected.


In the difficult air transportation conditions, we are still trying our best to find reliable airlines for our customers, contact the local customs to shorten clearance time. Please give us some more time.


If you have not received the tracking number, please be patient. We will handle it and email you tracking info as soon as possible.


If you have received the tracking number, but the tracking info has not been updated, please be patient. We are keeping an eye out for your packages and trying to speed up the customs clearance process.


If you have not received a reply from an email or Facebook message, please be patient. Facing uncountable emails related to the shipping info, we do not have enough staff to reply immediately, but we are trying to give you a feedback in few days.


Your support and understanding will be highly appreciated.